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FPS, performance anomalies, maybe garbage collection problem


I just want summarize my findings, what is happening with performance during my gameplay.

My PC is i7 2600k, overclocked to 4.4ghz, GTX 1660Ti(overclocked) and 32Gb RAM and I am limiting FPS to 60 without using V-sync.

Game can hold 50-60FPS quite well on Very Hight and shadows set to medium. However some anomalies are happening .

I am playing Primalist, trying thorns build and everytime I cast thorns burst, FPS drops by several frames… like to 54-55, while staying here for several seconds and it will jumps back to my limit 60 fps. Weird is, this FPS drop is for very specific time, even when all effects from spell are no more visible.

Also during some heavy fights, with a lot of effects, FPS can drop to 20+ fps and again, stay there for several seconds. 10-20 seconds, even when nothing is happening and everything is dead on screen and I am just standing on one place. After this duration, FPS jumps back to 60 fps, without me doing anything. This is happening at the beginning of the game, in caves, where big wooden circle platforms are (not remember map name) - and only there in my short gameplay.

Another weird anomaly is, that sometimes, when I enter certain zones, FPS drop to 30 or lower for no reason. However changing Vegetation system to very low will suddenly returns FPS back to 60. Switching to even Low on Vegetation system fps is back on 30 - every settings except very low will cause this. Again, this is happening in cave locations. After walking around for minute or so, without changing anything, game can recover(sometimes) and once again be running on 60FPS even in places, where to dropped to 30 before.

I checked my temperatures and frequencies, to make sure, my PC is not throttling in any way and it is not.

The game is a week deep in beta, you should have known quite well coming into it that the game still needs ton of optimization. My rig is nowhere as good as your and I still have 55-70 frames consistently.

Give the devs time, they know there are performance issues.

Having the same issues, and a less powerful computer.
Also in addition I receive sound tares when there’s a lot of mobs dense up together.
Double checked other games such as Diablo 3, Wolcen, Path of Exile, and Grim Dawn… Having no issues. Yes this is a beta, but some answering would be nice.

Best of luck to both of us, been troubleshooting since the game launched it’s beta.

Brief PC specs:
16 GB Ram
Windows 10 64 Bit
GTX 1070

Hopefully some later patches will address such issues, I’m loving this game. :smile:

We all are having issues, I havent seen a single streamer who can run shadows on anything above medium. Smoothness is coming! Hop on discord maybe somebody there can give you more immediate help.

I hope they manage to optimize game soon.
I keep trying changing my settings, it helps for few seconds, few minutes if im lucky, but the FPS drops bellow 10 again…
I die so many times due to this random FPS drops, but i cant stop playing

I know it’s beta and this wasn’t attack on devs in any shape or form. I just want to help them a bit and while I am sure they are doing their work and tracking these issues, as developer in Unity myself, sometimes is just hard to figure it out why some things are happening. You can stare into code and profiler for weeks and it just doesn’t make much sense and sometimes, just some simple input from tester like “you know, this is happening when…” and it just clicks and finally realize, where the problem is.

Maybe this is not this case …maybe it is. It wont hurt to post it here :slight_smile:

There is nothing wrong with providing ur feedback and issues. The more information they have the better.
Too bad that some players give negative review on Steam, because of some bug. Sometimes the bugbthey get is because of thier own pc settings or some malware or even virus.
This beta is far more playable compared to some games i played.

I can’t help but wonder if the game is ever going to have stable performance since its running on Unity. Looking at Hearthstone and the limitations they ran into due to Unity makes on worry for the future of Last Epoch since a card game is traditionally much less intesive than an ARPG. I understand that switching engines is nigh impossible but I still wish the game would run on a more developed engine.

Unity, as an engine, is not really problem here. But it’s true that easy approach in unity is making it much easier to bloat game with stupid bugs and non-efficient code. It is possible to polish it and optimize as in any other engine, but sometimes, you have to overhaul quite a lot of your codebase.

It’s very much possible to make game optimized, nice looking and efficient in Unity.

There are good ones, there are bad ones. It’s not the engine, it’s the programmer :wink:

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Yea I completely agree. I don’t get the hate on Unity.

Subnautica, Pillars of Eternity 2, Pathfinder: Kingmaker, Battletech…

Just at a quick glance of the last year. Definitely possible to have amazing games on this engine.

There are memory leaks with this game, so this means there is still much room for optimizations.
Hype for stable 60+ FPS one day !

If they keep this up, we could get optimization patches every few months or maybe even every single month. I am just glad we are getting patches that actually help


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