FPS on 2560x1080

Hello Guys,

I’m taking massive FPS hit when I use my native resolution. On 1920x1080 I’m getting around 80 FPS, but when I change to 2560x1080 it drops to 25-30 FPS. I understand that the game is in early Beta and massive improvements await, but wanted to check if other people are experiencing the same.

I also changed the settings from Ultra to Low and I got something like 3 FPS more.

Hardware -

1060 TI
16GB of Memory

Are you in FullsScreen mode? i switched to fullscreen, and i can play smoother yet

I’m playing on Exclusive Fullscreen.

I’m in 2560*1080 as well, with a 1080ti.

I got a 144fps screen, but it seems that i can’t get higher than 63 fps, but it’s totally stable.(between 58 and 63)
I’m in fullscreen window with v-sync and everything in ultra. (excet Depth of field and Motion blur)

I’m playing in 3440x1440 with a 1080ti (window fullscreen + max settings, except FXAA and no dof/motion blur). My fps are all over the place between 20 and 60fps depending on how much is going on on the screen. Sometimes I even get complete freezes for about 1-2 seconds, which seem to be tied to specific monster attack/skill effects (e.g. void ground effects).

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