FPS limit not working in menu

Due to server issues I’ve been stuck trying to connect for a bit now and noticed it’s constantly ramping up my PC to full tilt. Both foreground and background FPS limit don’t seem to work until loading into the actual game.

Playing an offline character immediately applies the correct limit, exiting to menu makes it go up to 144 (my monitor’s refresh rate, despite vsync not being on) again.

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Same for me. In the menu and during character selection the FPS limit does not work. Fullscreen, Borderless, Windowed mode all have this issue. V-Sync is off, FPS Limit is on but it tries to render as many frames as the monitors refresh rate allows (as if v-sync was on).

This is a problem with higher refresh rates such as OPs 144Hz or my 120Hz monitor, because the game isnt yet optimized enough to churn out that many frames without turning my graphics card cooler into a jet engine exhaust.

As a workaround for anyone reading this far: Limiting the framerate of Last Epoch through Nvidia control settings does work.

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