FPS drop while moving cursor on items

Hi guys Do someone else has this bug :
when an item falls on the ground and my cursor hovers over it my fps are dropping by 40 or even more!
Maybe something wrong with the UI I’am not an expert but It made me quit the game for now cause It’s really annoying.
You are doing well EHG There is a lot of bugs to correct and we trusting you. Optimisation will take time I just wanted to share you the bug I encountered.

My spec : i9 10850k
rtx 3070
16gb ram 3600mhz

All drivers are updated


yeah it’s driving me crazy.
gotta be careful not to mouseover loot during combat or the fps drops will distract me too much lol

it’s even more noticeable with autocompare on.

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Yes I agree
Driving me crazy too hopefully they will fix it soon

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I have the same problem! And this makes me very angry! No response from the developers! There are no tips for fixing it

Yeah bro It’s a game killer :confused:

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  1. Open Settings
  2. Select the Gameplay tab
  3. Disable Auto-Compare Items

Thx for the share !
Unfortunately It’s less worse but still here

I actually experience the worst frame drops when at the vendor, with both my inventory and theirs open.

Absolutely bizarre.

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This happens to me too. I cannot observe that any of my hardware gets more “stressed” when this happens. GPU and CPU utilization and actually framerate too stays the same during this.

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that halves it. still does it. as said earlier.

not solved at all and you have bad eyes :wink:

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Any improvments guys with the new update ?

edit : Just tried and no improvements so back to PoE.

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I don’t have bad eyes. My solution solved the problem for me. I’m not sorry it didn’t solve anything for you; you suck. Enjoy the crap FPS. You deserve it.

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? alright then. have a good day you seem a bit upset D:

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