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Found a hole on the boat

Trapped in the boat
Fell through the grate area and am unable to port out.
Going to restart the game and hopefully it doesn’t happen again. The only thing I had done before entering the zone was create a loot filter.

Found it again. I was mistaken, it was not the grate but closer to the mast. I also realized that I used lunge in that location to attack the enemies.
Exact location

I checked again and am able to walk across the area when no skill is used.

Hey there…

This is probably related to the movement skills (Lunge etc) ability to move through walls depending on the angle/positioning… This problem does happen in multiple places in the game.

Looks you you found a particularly obscure spot where you can get stuck…

Thanks for posting this - sure the devs will see it and add it to the list of things to fix…


Yeah collision, geometry and physics are fun. I was pretty confident that it was lunge when it happened a second time and that was the only consistent variable. Probably just need to adjust collision volumes(colliders in Unity), or collision detection(sweep) in scripts like ccd. I left it pretty open-ended because I could be completely wrong and didn’t want to inadvertently cause the Devs to chase the wrong squirrels. :wink:

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