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Forums do not work when logged in on mobile

This seems to be a bug that affects mostly just me.

Once I’m logged in I’m greeted with this screen:

It works normally on desktop, and when I’m not logged in on mobile.

I’m on android and I’ve tried both Chrome and Firefox browsers, as well as refreshing my cache. This started happening earlier this afternoon.

It also affects the discourse forum app, whatever that runs on.

Rest of the website works fine even when logged in.

@Mox Tagging 'cuz you asked for it.

An update on this: following a direct Link to a forum topic after logging in (e.g. one provided by an email) will display the forums as expected, and allow me to navigate to the main forum page where it will also load as expected. However, if I log out and log back in it will no longer display the forums again.

I got same error on firefox (pc), using chrome to post this

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