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I know this has been complained about in many other posts, but I don’t know if an “official” Feedback and Suggestions post has been provided.

Here it is:
Many times there are news about the game, including outages and patch news stuff as well as others, that have been provided by various people (most notably @AndrewTilley). The issue is that if is the “official” forum for LE, then all that stuff should be posted there for players to access.

I do not and will not create a Discord account just for LE news and updates. I have to keep track of so many other site logins of various natures that I have no desire to create any more accounts than absolutely necessary, and I know there are others who have the same issue.

My recommendation is that LE use their “official” forum to post anything and everything official about LE rather than expecting their play-base to have to go to other sites that are not LE to find out about stuff.

You have made a great game and have many players that want to support LE and follow official notices. the Forum page has a “News” section that would be the perfect place for the vast majority of the stuff that many players are missing simply because they are not on the Discord or streams.

Thank you


I was very surprised too to not see anything Gamescon /runemaster related posted here.


Yep, patch is in 8 days, I still don’t know if I’ve missed any information about it because its just not posted in here yet. I get that they want to think of themselves as for the community so much, but this is the opposite. They’re treating it like this isn’t a game in early access, I don’t get it, only times I’ve seen this type of thing (no real posts about whats going on) before, was with Wolcen. Which is not a great comparison lol

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I don’t understand how they don’t implement some sort of integration between the forums and discord. Where anything posted in (a) certain forum is also posted to Discord. Hell, a MUD that I still pop in to, from time to time, has integration like that for certain chat channels, message boards and global “shout” channels. And I’m fairly certain they aren’t operating on nearly the same budget as EHG.

@EHG, I can send you some email addresses if it’ll help get something like this implemented.


Totally agree with OP.

I think having information on all kinds of platforms is fine, as long as all relevant information is also present on “the official site/forum”.

I think this was a special case, where they wanted to give Gamescom attendees and people who follow it some early news.

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It was all over the LE twitter feed, though. The last time I remember them giving people ‘early news’ as it were was the MP release and the invite of the two streamers who at the time were not really part of the LE community but were big gaming ‘names’. (I personally had no clue who they were.) There was some discension with that as well.

Usually when you have special news for a group, which is fine, you still also have news you share to the general group as well, . Not having ANYTHING about Runemaster and such on the main EHG forum is a little…odd, to me personally.

Well, and not only that, but if you pop over to the Discord, there’s active discussions about Runemaster, with EHG participating. So not sure that a whole big reveal™ on the forum is even a valid excuse anymore.

I guess ‘odd’ is what I would use as well. Since anything else I can think of comes off as unusually harsh, even by my own standards. I’m not a fan of this lack of, or inconsistent brand of, communication, one bit.


Thats fine, if the game isnt early access, as it stands a bunch of us have bought the game, and some have backed it beyond that earlier on.

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