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Forum font

Can somebody tell me the name of the font used on LE site ?

From inspecting the Source via “view page source”, it appears to be called Cinzel.

However when I use an extension to inspect it and look at the stylesheet it indicates that it is Ariel.

I guess one of the devs could confirm which it is. It may be my browser that is using a different font. It does look to me a lot like Ariel though.

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Looking manually in the css files, there are:
Cinzel & Forum.

Icons etc seem to be from FontAwesome.


Yeah, it’s clearly Forum. The capital Q and € symbol are notably different between Forum & Cinzel.


You obviously spent more time on it than I did. Good man. I didn’t have the time to get into it in great detail. I did also spot Arial being mentioned in the css as well. Not sure where that crops up, again didn’t spend a lot of time on it.

Nah… quick look using the Firefox Inspect (Q) feature… just scrolled down a few of the sources in the Style Editor section and voila… I used to be a web developer a decade ago so its fairly easy if you know what to look for… Arial seems to be the failover default for sans-serif fonts - like you, I cannot say where its being use tho… far too much effort to find that needle in the haystack… :wink:

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