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Hello there,

how to activate the Forum badges you have earned?
Like “First Traveler” or the ones which comes with the Supporter Packs? is empty for me

First traveller was given to people who made their forum accounts early on (you can’t get them now). The other badges should be applied when you link your forum account with your game account, not that I remember how that happens.

Try to contact LE support directly. They helped me our pretty fast with those kind of problems.

so no “Ardent Gladiator forum badge” for who bought on steam store?

If you bought it on steam for normal prize (35$) then you should get your badge. I think you don’t receive the supporter pack when the game is on sale.

Maybe check this out and contact them.

my bad i was doing it wrong, now i did sync steam with here and now its showing. i’m a dumbass LOL

already did on august the 5th via twitter regarding another topic, but still no answer - so i dont want to bother them any further… also those forum badges arent a big thing, i would prefer to receive the t-shirt from the Sup Pack i bought in the near future instead :slight_smile:

Thats true, just make sure to upgrade your supporter pack instead of buying it for the full 160$ if you alrdy purchased the game.
Like i said i recommend the link i posted before. They normally answer really fast :slight_smile:

I would like to get my forum badge too , i bought the game 35 cash long time ago on steam

The account you use to post on our forum does not have a game license associated with it.

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Did you already linked your Account? if not ->

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Oh i didn’t do that yet, i see… thank

Thank that would help

Anyone who has bought Last Epoch on Steam and played the game has linked their accounts; it is a requirement for playing the game. Occasionally folks register multiple accounts, however an individual purchse will only apply to a single account.

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Well my game is on steam and i tried to link them it seem not working

You may wish to email support then (

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