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Form(s), Skillbar and Passive idea

Hello everyone,

I first would like to say I’m loving the game so far, and a big thank you to those who have worked so hard on it.

I bought into the game as soon as I saw druid has the ability to shift into forms. That being said, I have a couple of ideas regarding the form skill itself as well as a skill bar and passive suggestion.

Here they are

First the form(s).

I would love to see a more offensive form such as wolf ( as suggested by another user ) maybe a Dire Wolf <3.

Also for the forms shift skill ( This will tie into both of my other ideas, so please continue to them for an understanding. ) Add a debuff to the shift ability something like making non form skills used in form have a -%35 effectiveness when used.

Second the skill bar.

While in form I think we should have a secondary skill bar that uses keys one through four. Housing the form we shifted intos skills, while also leaving our default bar there to be able to use non form skills. You could exclude skills from being used while in form on an individual basis, such as summon ( totem and minion ), heal etc.

The trade off for allowing this would be linked to the form shift skills debuff.

The last suggestion I have for the in form two skill bars, is to wipe the default bar ( only on first shift per form ), allowing us to assign a whole different skill line-up of out of form skills to use whie in form ( per form ). This would be super nice in conjunction with our in form bar up top.

Lastly a passive option to tie it all together.
Something to go along with the love of form(s).

0/5 = Lessen the debuff from form shifting by 5% per point invested. Also converts 3% of health leach into mana leach per point invested

This would leave us with -%10 percent effectivness to using non form skills while in form. Also let us stay in form a bit longer at the cost of life leach when maxed.

Thanks for reading :smiley:

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