Fork and/or Chain

Can someone explain to me the difference?

Fork would be multiple targets at once where chain would be one target at a time, hopping from one to the other.

The difference in benefit, why you would choose one over the other, I’m not sure though.


That’s correct, I would add though that using both is ideal, there’s nothing like the DPS it can produce when it procs multiple chains and forks per cast. It’s amazeballs!!!

Do forks fork in LE, or is it a single fork produced from initial hit?

I’m sure I’m in the minority here, but I think this game gets carried away with all the ailments and buffs and what not.

I’ve got chaining. I’ve got Forking. TENDRILS. I’ve got electrify. I have shock. I have spark charges (not to be confused with Static Charges) I’ve got Arcane Momentum (not to be confused with Arcane Ascension). I’m sure I’ve missed some. Ant this is just one element.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve just stopped, logged off…And started watching Jeopardy reruns.

Maybe the genre isn’t for you then? I say that because this game is on the extremely light side of mechanics.

Light side of mechanics is extremely subjective. Compared to D4, LE is packed with mechanics. To the uninitiated, it can be very difficult to understand starting out.

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  1. Fork is not in the glossary.

Here is the tool tip for “Divergence”

“Lighting blast hits have added lightning damage, and lightning blast chains can fork in addition to chain”

Then hit “ALT” for more information:

“Lightning blast hits an additional target when it forks. Forking counts as chaining for the number of targets it can hit”.

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If it’s a single fork then that’s a chain. Fork, by definition, has to produce multiple.

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Yeah I understand that, but even in PoE, I have never used fork. 3k hours, not once! In my mind, you shoot an arrow, then it splits on both sides of the enemy who got got. I was just curious if those forked proj’s can also fork.

If the answer is no, I really dont see it useful. Id rather just AoE the immediate area. Chaining after the fork works (well dependent on amount of chains), keep in mind going into this topic there was no skill as an example.

Done rambling, hope you are well bro.

I’m guessing forks don’t count as chains in Convergence?


I am one dense clod.

I was googling this same/similar questions regarding convergence node.

I got a hit, and it was a thread I started in 2020.

good memory aye?


You’re doomed. Just wait until you get old. :crazy_face:

(I’m assuming your not old currently, if you are, then cheers! :beers:)

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Welcome to the senility club, as the founder and the ceo I am happy to have you! Please give us 2 weeks to get your underwear with name embroidered on both front and back, cause you can never be too sure!