Forgot about the Mastery bonusses

Ohhh noes i forgot about the bonusses that mastery’s bring.
I stopped playing a few months ago and now that this game updated so many things iam loving it again.

However i forgot about the bonusses and iam regretting it lol.
I really wish there was an option to reset my mastery.
Did i miss something or didnt they notify you about these bonusses?

On the quest, where you have to choose you mastery you get a big information screen what each mastery gives you (a passive bonus + 1 active skill)

Also in game when you are in the passive tree [P], you can hover over each mastery and see it’s passive bonus and when you click on non-mastered masteries you also see the passive bonus + the active skill it would grant.

Would you like to have a quick summary here in the forums? Could give you that too if you want.

No thanks i know its my own mistake. Iam just banging my head against the wall for not paying attention. My fire build is a lot worse with the foreguard bonusses and skills appearently mehhhh :cold_face:

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While you can’t change the mastery, you are still able to invest point’s into the other not-mastered masteries and can reach up to 25 poitns investment in them(to unlock skills)
You can also put as many passive points into them as you want.

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I knew about that but i thought i needed to reach the top of the mastery passives before i could do that but that isnt needed apparently!

Didnt know about that!
Thanks a lot man :smiley:

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