Forging range abit too high?

I’m probably a minority here but I feel as if the forging range is abit too high, upgrading a T1-T2 has a range of 1-10, and most of the time it ends up being like -5 or -8. I’ve had numerous crafts where 1 craft on a <T10 item using up the entire forging potential. I feel as if crafting just got a lot harder with this patch. Finding that perfect rare to craft on is already near impossible now magic items are basically useless for crafting as well. Thoughts?


Fair point here.


I think one of the points they made was that they didn’t want Magic Items or Base Items to be able to match Rare Items in endgame crafting, so that’s their design intention. I think one thing is that you definitely need Glyphs of Hope in the equation. They definitely implemented the new system with the idea that Glyphs of Hope are a staple.

Hopes also seem more common than the old ones. Or maybe both types of the old ones got converted to hope on the drop table.

it would be helpful if, rather than 1-10, it was more like 3-7 so it could be a little more consistent, and instead of items having 1-30 potential, they could have 20-50, weighted lower the more affixes they start with.

i like that fracturing was removed, but the new system definitely needs some tuning.


rerolling implicit 1-25 forging potential on my helm…really? most items i see drop that pop up on my filter are <25 forging potential so now instead of fracturing i can brick my item in a different way at any given opportunity? The massive range of forging cost make this literally the same system as fracturing just less tuned and you don’t ever drop tiers


absolutely agree with all these points, instead of fracturing I now have a bunch of item that are struggling to get over T10. Either the range needs to be reduced e.g T1-T2 ( 1-3 forging potential, t2-t3 2-4 forging potential etc and gets alot higher as you upgrade to higher tier affixes)
Or the glyphs of hope needs to have a much higher chance of not costing forging potential. At this point I almost feel like the fracturing system was less punishing.


I think rerolling should be next to free, since we are losing a consumable for a result that may be worse than before the attempt.


just removed a T1 affix on an exalted ring, -18 forging potential…zero forging potential left. gg



Did anyone actually think 0 fracture comes at no price?

That was my fear when they presented their new crafting system. I expressed myself on the topic. I think they will be balancing, but as it is now, it’s hard to see any improvement.


I think you are missing the point friend, I’m all for high risk high reward, but at least with the old system the first few crafts with guardian glyph is almost always gurantee success. sure you get the occasional 90% fractures but it was rare. Compared to now even the most trivial crafts like upgrading t1 affix or removing an affix can instantly brick your item. Its like crafting at a constant 50% success rate under the old system. I really hope EHG will tune the numbers abit more.


I’ve crafted on 3 or 4 items tonight and had horrible results every time, including a t7 spell crit wand with an open prefix, 32 forging potential, spammed spell damage w/ glyphs of hope I got it to T4 barely I know under the old system chance of fracture would’ve been there from t2 on up and I’ve only done a few items but man this just feels worse

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havent had enough time to really test out the forging to form any real opinions on it yet…

however, at first pass, it does seem like lower tier forges having such a high forging potential roll is a little off… especially in comparison to the old system which virtually guaranteed that you could get T1/t2 on every slot without really worrying.

I am not sure if the range issue is a problem yet… the tighter range spread suggested could then mean you could guarantee a craft without even using the boosting glyphs… just need to find something with a high forge potential and you could just assume the higher end cost and make your craft without worries and potentially with the glyphs have a T20 with leftover forging potential… I am not a maths nerd by any stretch of the imagination but my gut is telling me there is something there… the bigger range = more RNG… Not saying its correct where it is right now, but I think there is more to it…

This is exactly what it feels like
*Look around for white knights"


Fair point here.
The new forging system sucks :upside_down_face:


Yeah that is what i said in in game chat and got bullied instantly lol. The new crafting system is making me feel bad about even trying it. I got punished (looted some total t8 boots, added two affixes on it and got the 14 forging potential got instantly used…) for trying to add some resistances on them. before i could try to get at least some decent resistances everywhere…


Yah… still forming an opinon on it… not confident I have its ins-and-outs worked out yet so i am not in a position to say if I like the new system yet or not… that will take time to decide… I am also not really a good example/tester in this case as I tend to do high end type crafts (starting with T10-12 items) rather than lower end ones that would be useful while in the campaign on a new char - so my mileage is likely to be entirely different to someone crafting for leveling purposes…

So far I haven’t had too much crafting and it’s turned out okay with the Glyphs I’ve had but yeah it’s a sentiment I also raised on the initial announcement which is that the ranges seem to be a bit wide.

I think the main issue now is that the lower tier crafts have way too high of a forging cost and that needs a bit of tuning. I get why it starts with 1 and the range slowly expands but it just feels disproportionate comparing the forging potential and forging costs. Probably the best part is the lack of problematic fractures but those were rare enough that it wasn’t something to be too worried about.

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Trying to progress a sentinel in the story, so far crafting feels very bad. More than often, getting just one tier up on an item (and a leveling item at that) bricks its potential. I’d like if the crafting costs of putting a new T1 or T2 on an item were not that high.