Forging ornate solar idol not working

so i found a idol with manifest weapon cast on melee hit 15% chance decided to try that… i have a 10% chance on hit with vulcanus and i had vulcanus go off about a hundred time while this manifest weapon haven’t proc once? … am i not understanding or are these not working at all?

The Manifest Weapon proc does work but it’s a not a particularly flashy effect so you may not be seeing it in the heat of battle.

ive tested it on dummy and watched for swords poping out ? is that not what its supposed to do?

[edit]: read a post from someone else that tough the same thing i did apparently it doesnt manifest a weapon rather give you an extra hit… which is rather confusing if you call that manifest weapon which is close to forged weapon from the forge guard forge strike :confused:

i guess a name change would be in order here xD

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You get 1 overhead attack per proc & that’s it. Maybe they could call it “Manifest Attack” instead.

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or just loose the manifest and call it something like repeating strike or something like that to avoid any confusion with the other skill i really tought id be summoning more of my swords on hit … which is a bummer now i can just ditch that thing xD

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They still haven’t changed the description, but they really need to… I spent a bunch of time hunting one of these down, then spent the last 20 minutes testing trying to figure out why it wasn’t proccing, only to find this thread stating that it doesn’t do what I thought it did. The description says that it has a chance to “manifest weapon” which is very similar to the terminology they use in forge strike (manifest a sword) which DOES summon a duplicate of your weapon.

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