Forging idol and manifest weapon? What exactly is that?

I searched the internet and there is an info from the past that Manifest weapon was once a skill at level 10 (Sentinel). The skill is not there anymore.

So, I have to idols with manifest weapon 25%. But, WHAT EXACTLY does it do? There is absolutely zero information about this skill…


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deleted, because Heavy is talking stupid non-sense

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You mixed forge weapon with manifest weapon. Manifest weapon strikes nearby enemy it scales with str and melee damage and deals physical damage. The thing over my character something Screen capture - e7b8f5ce31238e4f6147654b09f058b2 - Gyazo

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Shiiiiiiiiiiiit, that was embarrasing.

I will go into my corner and be ashmed at least 1 week now =C

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Okey, so probably viable for Void knight with STR and meelee focus… It’s just really hard to find any info and there is nothing you can see if you attack.

Fun fact: You could use it while channeling Rebuke!

Till it was removed, I was thinking about a Manifest/Rebuke build, where you just turtle’d up and spammed Manifest… somehow. I think it had a CD.

Heh, yeah. Still, it looks like having it in the build is pretty good. I have over 30% now and it does increase the damage quite nicely.

Actually i was wondering why is this idol like that i did the same as you and find that it was an old melee attack so i stack up this idol on my warpath and guess what ?

This melee auto attack proc all my other buff and dot on my VK bayblade
focusing my build on attack speed, having some idols that proc other melee attack is likely doubling my atq speed every time it proc im just regretting that manifest weapon cant be level up… should they replace this with rive or vengeance ?

I still like it for now it do a good job while waiting to drop better idol… it proc my smite my time rot my leech and throwing axe… until i find something better to use this do a verry good job

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