Forgemaster node in Forges Strike is broken

I apologize if this was brought up before but after repeated testing and use of the Forge Strike and any other skill that spawns weapons I’ve yet to see a single Ax which is listed in Forgemaster spawn. The rate for such isn’t incredibly low so I’ve come under the belief either the ax lacks a model or the node is simply broken which is a shame as it seems like it’d greatly improve the potency of pet forge builds. We miss our ax.

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I really hope someone can at least confirm this is being addressed or even acknowledge. I don’t mean to seem pushy but I REALLY feel like Pet Forge is missing out on a massive chunk of its kit without it functioning and not knowing if its being looked at is very disheartening. I can wait if its not priority but at least knowing its something they are aware of can at least put my mind at ease.

Can confirm this is a pretty big issue; level 99.5 and have seen ZERO axes between hundreds of manual presses and dozens of hours of warpath auto-spawning.

Honestly it’s a bit of a shame, I picked animate weapon over other minions because I figured 2-3 points in the buffed AoE node (Engines of War) combined with axes would turn them into a quasi-blender with so much area I wouldn’t even recognize the common melee minion AI problems.
Sadly this is not the case, and unfortunately melee AI feels even worse in multiplayer because mobs are more likely to target something else and randomly move one meter subsequently dodging 12 simultaneously swinging swords swathed in singing flames.

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I had the same idea to be honest! It sounded like it’d make for something really hecking cool but than not a single ax spawns even after I even tried putting points into the removal of the skills cool down and spamming it anytime I had mana. Hopefully its fixed soon cause this node is definitely integral to pet Forges. It’s practically at the end of a node chain. Also that’s why I kind of upped my summons attack speed because they kept missing all the time do to how spastic mobs are.

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Doesn’t look like it was fixed in this patch so this remains relevant as an issue. Big sad.

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It’s a bit unfortunate but I am extremely hopeful they can address this in a reasonable timeframe based on two specific patch notes they had for 0.9c:
“Increased the basic melee attack range of Assembled Abomination by around 100%”
“Fixed a bug where Rip Blood’s Coagulated Blood was not affected by increased area
While these are not directly related to the axe node, it shows they are willing and capable of fixing AoE related bugs as well as adjusting pet melee parameters to help the AI feel less… Janky.

As a quick sidenote, I would abso-freaking-lutely not mind if they replaced Forgemaster with a generic “+34-50% to melee attack range for all forged weapons” node to bump their attack range to 0.8-0.9 meters. Even though this would make the range exceed the standard skeleton reach, it actually makes perfect sense because skeletons have to physically (magically?) wield their weapon whereas a magically forged sword shouldn’t have the constraints of “arm length” determining their reach.

Anyways dinner rant over, back to blasting monsters, void monstrosities and also that one bird-man, yes that bird-man, you know the one.

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Bumping this because the current update didn’t fix it and I want to make sure this is still be sure its brought to attention.

Also I hope as well! Maybe the forged weapons having better indications that their range is increased as to be honest I really couldn’t tell ever after maxing out the node so either its not actually increasing their radius or there is no real animation for it… Hope you enjoy dinner and I look forward to see what the future holds!

They aren’t spawning. I got a fix in the works. Thanks.

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I’m a bit late but oh my days bless you! Truly! You’ve made not only mine but every future Pet Forge smile. Thank you again for the hard work you and the team do at Eleventh!