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ForgeGuard SigilofHope vs. RingOfShields and Warpath

Hey Forum,

i reentered the game lately and had to reconfigure my old lvl50 Forgeguard.
I found a good Build that works ForgeStrike,ManifestArmor,Lunge,Sigils,Venegeance.
I’am now 70 and as stated it works. However i liked warpath.

i like to respec it to warpath = venegance, and let warpath summon the animated weapons.

my main question is what are the advantages / differences between sigils and ring of shields?
i saw a node that spwns sigils automatic when hit (i often forget to keep them up!)
as far as i understand it sigils only heal, correct?

what would i gain lose when switching to ring of shields ? (playstyle wise)

Hey there… Welcome to the forums…

For me, the main issue is that you have to stop Warpath to use Ring of Shields… while sigils can be auto proc’d and made to instant cast so you dont need to stop if you can maintain the mana requirement - something that is pretty hard especially when proc;ing multiple sigils - Always up Warpath is the best warpath imho but remember you dont generate mana while channelling… Sigils have both healing and damage impacts… I have never found the Dps on RoS to be worth anything, but it can make you tanky as hell and has the Warpath boost node…

Obviously you woul need to change your build for the Forge Weapon proc with Warpath… the key for me is to chose how you are doing damage and ailments and make a decision and boost that specifically - sometimes people tend to try hybrid type builds with a little here or there and they end up being dissappointed… It may get you through the campaign ok, but builds that dont focus on specific dps/def methods etc can nosedive pretty quickly…

EDIT: you can investigate various Warpath builds here - from a quick glance only one out of 21 use Warpath & RoS together - might be trying to say something.

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Hey Vapourfire,

thanks for your answer.

in my (untested ) build in mind (or buildplanner) i make use of warpath far upper left node Dark Nexus to gain mana. having the far lower left end also skilled seems unusual. (summoning the weapons)
i havent respected yet, but i feel ok to stop spinning spam forgestrike (also generating weapons) and start spinning again.
maybe i try this once this weekend.

Ring of Shields is Instant Cast by default.

means i can cast it without break the channeling warpath ?

Correct, it won’t break the channeling.

Thank you.
Do you know if Forge Strike (Beneath Solarum) which reduces it to no cooldown also works ?
(it doesn’t say instant cast only it is instantly castable now)

Beneath Solarum only removes the cooldown but doesn’t change anything in regards to the casting type or its animation that will remain affected by attack speed modifiers.

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How did I not see that? Shows you how much I stopped using RoS… ;-(

My bad…

I respect Yesterday and added warpath for venegeance.
i have to say iam quite happy. after spamming forgestrike for a few echoes i now leveled to warpath summon the weapons and it might not be as fast as spamming forgestrike in a group but it works very well.
question now is. can i drop one of the chance to summon weapon nodes ?
Is MassProduction in Forgestrike still needed ? (not using forge strike anymore)

i ask because in the leveling process i had only 3-6 weapons and got to 11 when leveling movingforge in warpath.

No, the Mass Production node in Forge Strike is probably superfluous. I can’t remember off the top of my head, but you should just be able to take the Forge Strike nodes that buff the weapons (Light Forge, Heavy Strike, Forged by Fire, Well Forged Weapons & Forgemaster).