Forged weapons not attacking Lagon Eye of the Storm Lvl 75 Monolith

Whenever forged weapons are summoned, they summon outside of Lagon’s tentacles and are unable to attack Lagon

Yeah, there are a number of threads on this already. Lagon is a big mess of an issue right now and the devs are aware and have plans to work it but it’s apparently a very big issue as to how much needs to be changed.

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Also Locusts don’t engage Lagoon at all…

They come out of their hives and chill there, you have to go and collect them for them to be somehow useful… (but bees/wolves do engage Lagoon and they are melee too, not sure why Locust don’t want to party with the boss)

Not every build is meant to do every content…

You may need to find someone to help you kill him if you dont have enough DPS. You can ask people in chat, or ask people on forums & official discord. I am on US East and happy to help u kill him when I’m on. Add me in game as a friend. Alternatively, you can respec to kill him

Now you know the real reason they put so much effort into MP. They can’t figure out how to fix Lagon, so they just made it so you can get someone else to help you navigate through the buggy encounter.

Thanks for the input guys.

I’ve never had an issue killing Lagon, except for on level 75 Mono, with my Forge Guard who’s DPS is mainly from Forge Weapons and Manifest Armour.