Forged Fire Node on Manifest Armor and Cooldowns

As per the title, the -50% cooldown does not seem to be affecting how often the armor casts Forgebreath. He casts it every 3 seconds? (or more if he’s swinging when the cooldown’s up) instead of 1.5. Even if it were mislabeled and it was actually 50% cooldown recovery that would still reduce the cooldown to 2 seconds.

What’s the actual wording on the node? From memory cooldown is implemented in LE such that Revised Cooldown = Original Cooldown / (1 + Cooldown Recovery Speed). Therefore +100% will 1/2 your cooldown.

Edit: Though it’s enitrely possible that the amount of cooldown recovery speed the node gives is not what the tooltip says, Orb Master for Shield Throw has a tooltip bug where it says +30% per point but it’s only granting +20%).

The cooldown seems to be unchanged from 3s after taking the node, and the node says “-50% Cooldown” not “+50% Cooldown Recovery”.

This node is actually increasing the cooldown of Forgebreath, and that is its intended functionality. I’ll update the tooltip for 0.7.7. Thanks for the report!

Huh, that’s weird considering the tooltip explanation for the node says “Forgebreath has a shorter cooldown.” I guess I’ll remove it then. one extra ignite stack is nice but probably not worth the the skill being used less often (4.5s). I thought the node was intended to make the living armor more spell focused instead of melee.
Thanks for the response.

Actually, I removed Forged Fire and started testing to see if the cooldown was reduced back to 3s and the armor is actually casting somewhere in the range of 4 to 4.2 second intervals, even when not auto attacking. I knocked the training dummy at the end of time into the rock behind it to prevent the armor from having a route to get to melee range to avoid the potential of auto attacks changing the cast interval. He runs in place and casts forgebreath every 4s+ instead of 3. Resummoning or relogging did not fix this. he always casts a minimum of every 4s.