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Forge Strike Multi-Strike Forge Guard Build Guide, Better Than The Sum Of Its Parts

YouTube Build Guide + Gameplay : Forge Strike Multi-Strike Forge Guard, Best Forge Guard I've Played Last Epoch Build Guide Patch 8.3 - YouTube

Build Summary :

So if you do not know, Forge Strike is also a skill with a long and troubled history. It has had its added damage effectiveness raised not 1, not 2, but 3 times by now, all the way up to 350%. And it still feels bad to play…by itself! That’s the thing, in patch 8.3 we got a whole Sentinel Rework. Erasing Strike and Judgement, the other signature big daddy sentinel skills benefited heavily from. Forge Strike is kind of the red headed step child of the Sentinel skills. Its not even the best way to play forged minions now we have warpath that can spawn forged minions instead.

All of this sounds bad, but we have 1 saving grace. Multistrike. Multistrike itself is kinda meh, it has decent clear but god awful single target. But there is a node inside of it that lets you consume its armarment charges, the charges it uses to spawn addition swords, to proc a Forge Strike. This ignores cooldown and technically costs 40 mana. But since Multistrike is one of the utility sentinel skills at 0 mana, time and faith on the passive tree allows us to gain mana with multistrike, pretty much nullifying the mana cost. So now that there is no cooldown, pretty much no mana cost, and all we do now is spam attack speed. And that is one of forge guards biggest strengths.

See the whole problem with forge guard was its signature skills like Forge Strike and Smelter’s Wrath (commonly referred to as Smelter’s Ass by the community as it is by far one of the worst skills in the game, turns out standing still sucks), these skills don’t scale with attack speed, causing the best node in the entire forge guard passive tree, the 40% increased attack speed while holding a 2h sword, kinda useless.

But now that we can proc Forge Strike through Multistrike, it means attack speed = more forge strike proc’s, as we don’t have to worry about mana or cooldown. The best thing as well Forge Strike has a large amount of % base crit inside its tree, alongside multistrike having it as well. All of these factors come together to make one of the best Forge Guard build’s I have ever played in terms of how fun it is and how it performs. Especially since this patch essentially gutted Warpath for physical only builds by locking all the damage behind other nodes, it means that this easily takes the cake. At least if we ignore minion builds of course, the other archetype Forge Guard is good at.

Check the video description for planners, loot filter and leveling guide : Forge Strike Multi-Strike Forge Guard, Best Forge Guard I've Played Last Epoch Build Guide Patch 8.3 - YouTube