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Forge Strike Mechanics Question?

So there’s something that I haven’t been able to find a clear answer to anywhere, don’t really know if I’ve just missed it or it hasn’t been answered, but it certainly seems like something that should be made clearer in game none the less.

Do weapon modds that increase attack speed, increase melee damage, and add flat melee damage effect the summoned weapons? Also, how does dual wielding effect what base damage the minions use? Does it combine the two or just use the main hand weapon’s stats?

I know these probably seem obvious to people who are more familiar with the game’s systems, but I still think the wording could be cleared up in game and would love an answer.

Thanks for your consideration, and still loving the game! Can’t wait for Eternal Legends!

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They use your weapons so all stats on them are applied. For DW it uses both weapons and the base attack speed is the average (this is true for all characters).

To elaborate: Forged weapons = All the stats on your weapon(s). Even non-minion stats will apply but only, exclusively, (more emphasis synonyms) the stats on your weapon(s). Beyond that they scale with minion stats.

Stats on other gear only applies to minions if they are minion stats. You can identify them by the inclusion of the word minion in the name of the stat.

Minion stats on weapon will apply once or twice to forged weapons? (like % Increased minion melee damage suffix)
How will the 2h All atributes suffix behave?

Only once. If the Forged Weapons summoned their own minions then those minions would benefit from any minion stats on the Forged Weapon’s weapon.

All attributes would be applied to the Forged Weapon, so if the Forged Weapon’s attack scales with it’s own attributes then any of those on the weapon would be applied.

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