Forge Strike Forge Weapon summon issues

When fighting Lagon in his arena after fighting the Architect as a Forge-Guard I used Forge Strike. Whenever Forge Strike summoned a Forged Weapon it was summoned on the lower platform where you fight tentacles and horse shoe crabs in the middle of the fight. Due to Lagon’s tentacles blocking off the stair cases my Forge Weapons could not pass onto the upper platform to assist in the fight.

Additionally I have the “FORGEMASTER” node in the Forge Strike skill tree. After several hours I have not noticed a great axe Forge Weapon, nor have I noticed any Forge Weapon swords with a larger AOE. It’s possible I’ve overlooked it and the Axe is there just using the Forge Weapon sword model.

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+1 on the Forge Master node still not having been fixed and it doesn’t spawn axes.

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