Forge Guard "Ring of Shields" ability duplicates to 512 summons when re-entering Majasa boss fight

When dying and respawning during the Majasa fight on the main quest on my Forge Guard with Ring of Shields active (as well as Manifest Armor and many Forge Weapon minions), the Ring of Shields will duplicate from 8 shields (from all + shield count perks) to 512. This causes the game to drop FPS significantly and seems to disconnect the player from the server, leading me to re-running to the fight after logging back in.

My image for this did not save properly, and I since beat the boss, so I am unable to get media for this bug. However, it occurred 3/3 times when dying and re-entering the fight with Ring of Shields still active from the pre-death state. The shield minion icon in the upper-left corner goes to 512 and seems to stop.

Player _ShieldBug.log (713.4 KB)

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