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Foe's sorcerer build

A close version of @FoE#2419 s sorcerer build that can beat all the bosses.


You should show the full Rahyeh, the black sun boss fight since some people including me have some issue with it ( for me mainly the aoe phase that fill the entire arena) i can’t pass it with my lvl 75 lightning blast mage; i got one shotted

i can do that soon.

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Ok i got the boss, up to you to update your video but it would be nice anyway i guess^^ thx boardman

Hey, Boardman - I just started this build yesterday and so far so good. You mention in the video that the 5 passive points you recommend putting in the Mage base Mage Flurry don’t really do anything for the build. For now I put those 5 points into Preparation. Is that a solid choice?

better than where it was at :slight_smile:

Hey, Boardman - it’s Metro again with another question. I am really enjoying this build by the way and making good progress. Wanted some clairifcation as to why you did not choose Supercharged Floes in the Lightning Blast Tree to convert damage to cold given Elemental Nova is all cold.

Rune of winter converts lightning blast to cold already. Getting Supercharged floes would be waste

Ah, forgot about that. Thanks.

Though you would benefit from the freeze multi nodes behind Supercharged Floes.

This is true but at the cost of either chains or Shattershock (60% more damage against shocked + 60% more damage against chilled those stack)

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