Focus potentially bugged

When you spec into Energy Overflow and Unstable Energy with focus if you go to 0 mana and start using focus i get around 300-400 white dmg but once i am max mana i am getting 4000-5000 white dmg numbers (not crits). seems like some calculation is off or one of the skills is off not too sure but i dont see how one skill can read “While channeling deal lightning damage equal to 15% of my MAX MANA” and another read “While channeling at FULL mana, deal lightning damage equal to 15% of my CURRENT MANA”. If i am doing 4000-5000 dmg while full but only doing 300-400 when i am not full one of those two talents is doing something it shouldnt.

198% lightning damage
197 mana - 207 mana (Overcharge talent in focus tree)
Spell damage: 166%
Inc base spell dmg: 241%

I can totaly confirm this.

While Leveling (130 mana, no idea About spell / Lightning dmg stats)

1 SKillpoint in Energy Overflow (with full mana) --> 15DMG
2 SKillpoints in Energy Overflow(with full mana) -->30DMG

1 SKillpoint in Unstable Energy (and full mana) --> 230 dmg

–> 1 Skillpoint in Energy Overflow gave me ~15 DMG
–> 1 Skillpoint in Unstabe Energy gave me ~200DMG

Channel without full mana (to skip unstable) ~220 dmg
Channel with full mana ~2300 dmg

Currently stats:
225 mana
52% Spell Damage
160% Lightning Dmg

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