Flurry to Multishot

Hello. I have a Flurry Multishot Rogue and I noticed that sometimes the Flurry channeling makes a huge amount of Multishots. Does anyone know what causes that? I wish to make it happen more often if possible. Seems like it is rng based on cast chance, but idk.


The Node is Fusillade in the Flurry Tree down the Alacrity/Boundless Blows path. There is another node in Multishot, Readied Arrows, that used to work with Flurry Channeling but now no longer works.

Good 'cause it shouldn’t.

Shush you, I like my Bowmage broken in a completely OP way. XD

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Does anyone know what triggers this?

That I know, man. The video I posted is my char and I’m well aware of the node since I’m using it. What I want to know is why sometimes with 1 single channel I cast millions of multishots, that’s what I want to understand so I can make it more often. Most of the time it does not cast it like that, I have to keep casting the channel until it happens and sometimes it just wont. Yesterday I couldn’t do even once.
Is it pure random?

If I had to guess, Ajaxi, I would say it’s Readied Arrows triggering when it shouldn’t. It may be that when Readied Arrows triggers on first use it can then occur during that entire Flurry channel.

Believe me, I remember the days when BowMage had both a stupid amount of procs thanks to Readied Arrows AND each Icicle exploded with shards in a small AOE so every Icicle would just devastate everything nearby.

sigh the good ol’ days.

Thank you, man! So it is a glitch, good to know.


I’m using the same build and I saw the same “bug”. The difference is that I don’t use Readied Arrow node from Multishot so I assumed this is not the answer ^^

The " bug " happens frequently but I don’t know how. It’s still a great (to much I guess) buff for DPS …

I also encountered this bug the other day when in a group with another player.
He called it “Snapshotting” – the other player he is usually playing with ALSO runs a bowmage. Dunno if it helps but I wanted to add it to this thread.

I can’t say for sure, but seems like this bug “keeps building up”. I mean, when I start playing, it’s all normal, then I start to get this bug once here and there, but if I keep playing I start to have it like every time I use Flurry becoming a Minigun of arrows. Feels like a stack or something.

That other player doesn’t understand what snapshotting is.

Ok guys, I checked all buff last night to figure when the proc the more often. It almost always happens when I lose the buff " Arrow Storm " from Marksman passive, you can see a icon with " Arrow Storm is on cooldown " and you start to shoot like a minigun you can do it forever even if the buff is up. This is strange because you start bugging, like really fast flurry shooting when you lose the attack speed buff from Arrow Storm.

The bug happens in other moment but I still don’t know how exactly.

[[ I ]] Don’t Know what Snapshotting is. XD

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Snapshotting is when you can take advantage of so ething that allows an effect to carry on beyond its normal or expected duration. Minions used to snapshot pre-0.9 but now they get resummoned when you change zones. Previously you could equip gear with a load of minion affixes/effects on them, summon the permanent minions then change gear and your minions would retain their higher stats.

This has nothing to do with flurry or attack speed. It is a node from other skills. This is a bug, but it is very friendly to players. Although there will be some minor annoyances, without this bug, the bow will be the most Weak class, as bows are the worst to survive, I can’t say much for fear of them finding out and fixing it, strangely, it doesn’t seem like all bows have this, even the same build

All I noticed is that it happens way more often with Dragonsong than with Reign of Winter.
At least for me.
And obviously it makes the build feel way more fun. :wink: