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Flurry Shockwave

I am levelling my first bladedancer.
Very fun so far, and feeling pretty much as I would expect: fast, fun, really high dps, quite squishy, a melee glass-cannon. All good.

But then I decided to try the “Shockwave” node on Flurry, and… WOW.
I am now basically ranged, while retaining all the advantages of a melee build. Best of both worlds.

It just feels… too much.
So just wondering, what do you guys think? Is it ok as it is? Or overpowered and in need of a nerf?

I think it is OK, because of the small “cost” in points to get there.

Its a nice node for Flurry but I dont think its effect is particularly OP…

On a side note - Flurry’s Blood Revelry (leech on each hit node) doesnt work if you enable Shockwave… There is a report that can be replicated through testing but the devs havent confirmed if its intended (i.e. missing explaination on node) or a valid bug.

It increases the effective range that you can hit mobs at is all. It wouldn’t double hit either.

Good to know, thanks.
Maybe that’s intended to avoid making shockwaves too OP?

Anyway thanks all for your answers.

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