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I got an issue with flurry when it is channeled, it is maybe intentionnal just whant to know. When you channel Flurry it seem to be count as one melee attack whatever the time you channel it. So you can’t proc many buff like dusk shroud via “viel of the night” passive tree node or crimson shroud via passive tree. Is it normal or not?

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Depends on the specifics of the proc involved - e.g. there may be a proc that fires “on use” which would only proc when you first start the channelling - on first use. vs a proc “on hit” which would apply on each hit of a mob during the same channelling.

This is true for all channelled skills not just Flurry.

If this is what you are experiencing then its probably not a bug and is by design.

If this is not, then perhaps you found a bug - I know Flurry currently has some issues at the moment but what you describe isnt one.

Thanks just learn something, the two buff i’m reffering are on “use” and not on “hit” so ti’s not a bug.

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