Flurry Attack Speed will it ever get fixed?

Hi, i want to bring attention to the flurry skill not functioning the right way. It makes multishot proccing super op and i love my marksman and want to play how its supposed to be not like a cheater. It seems this topic has been reported several times but nothing has happened. I want to ask if you have plans to fix the skill in future? Here is a reddit post with 2 videos showing how the skill changes and what it does to the multishot:

Also i want to let you know i love this game its my favourite hack n slasher :slight_smile:


Does the same thing happen offline, I encountered this only online and after long periods of time playing.

When resetting the session the attack speed becomes normal.

And why is this happening, is it snapshotting or something?

No, to me it happens instant and it stays like this.

They always plan to fix bugs but some are easier to fix (or higher priority) than others.