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Floating healthbars suggestions

I’d prefer to have an option to have matt (less glowy/shiny) and straight/horizontal floating healthbars.

I’d also like an option to have the color change based on the health (like in the image), from green-yellow-red, for example. Maybe also an option to have allies health bars shorter and wider like in the image.


Hey Hex, we actually had someone from the team raise the same want. We do have the Beastmaster companion resurrection circle doing the color transition and it’s been well received. Will raise this suggestion in our next group meeting :slight_smile:

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Thank you! I’m glad to hear that.
It works really well in the game that I’m playing right now and having it as an option in this game would be great! It makes everything a little bit more clear and readable during combat.

Having one healthbar size/shape for allies and one for enemies also really helps to distinguish between the two when you have a lot of minions/players on screen. Colored outlines could help as well.

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