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floating health bars

are there plans in the future for floating health bars? it’s rather annoying when using a non-targetted AoE spell, that you have to mouse over them to check their health. Similar to path of exile, a simple red line.

I don’t see this as neccesary, though that depends on the game’s direction in monster ‘hordes’. The more monsters, the less important health bars become as it adds to clutter on the UI. In these cases, AoE becomes exponentially more powerful as well, and that requires no specific targetting. However, if the game is going to be limiting it’s ‘white monster packs’ to like, 5-7 monsters with significant health and different affixes, keeping track of individual health becomes more relevant, as you want to take out a specific monster first to reduce the threat.

Callynn i disagree.

Diablo 3 seems to me a perfect example of LOTS of monsters. Still there is plenty reason we want the health bars in Diablo 3. When this game develops and gameplay becomes more sophisticated, there will be reasons too.


I like this idea!

I imagine it’ll probably be something you can toggle in the game menu at some point.

If monster hordes (however big) are a mix of high-live relatively harmless monsters, dangerous support monsters and glass cannon monsters, then I agree that floating health bars would be a good thing.

If white monsters just act as fodder for leech, xp and charges and die as soon as you look at them (think PoE), then I’d say health bars are just more screen clutter.

However, if they can be toggled (like the floating damage numbers), I don’t really care in any case.

Floating health bars would definitely help in high-density and high-difficulty zones where monsters come in clumps and bosses exist as well. Depending on how the monsters are randomized, health bars is a necessity, especially as this game continues in its development and in end-game where high density, and diversity of monsters is the goal to keep players interested, along with whatever other perks the Eleventh Hour Games can come up with.