Flickering cursor and spellbar

Flickering cursor and in the spellbar it says “BUTT” if i hold shit it works otherwise the game is unplayable, the character is just moving on its own. The cursor is flickering in the menu.

I have updated the drivers for nvidia and checked the files 2 times still the same problem. I played the game some years ago and it was no problem then.

Same here… Literally cant play the game. If you’ve got any fixes, I’d be glad to hear.

Same problem, with AMD CPU and GPU on Windows 10.

  • In menues, need to click several times to have click register
  • In game, menues click throu so for example in quest dialogs char starts running
  • In game not all clicks are registered

After searching more this was my issue:

Having a HOTAS controller interfering with the game, just unplug it and issue is gone.

All credit to:

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