Flexible Achievements System

Hey folks!
Please consider the possibility to allow players to reset their achievements for this game (all of them or a single one) in all of the platforms this games will be released to (especially Steam). This will definitely add to popularity of this game and make it more fun. Some games in Steam like Team Fortress or Terraria allow to do it.
It hurts me to know end when the game via achievements force you to play in some manner and not as you prefer like in good old times.
Thank you so much in advance!

If its an optional thing like achievements, how is the game forcing to play in a way you don’t like? Can’t you just ignore them?

Nope. I can’t pretend like they are not existing. I think that it’s better to either dispose of the achievements completely or allow us to reset them. C’mon…Games like Team Fortress 2 and Terraria allows us to do it then why Last Epoch can’t do the same? I think that probably it’s not that difficult programatically wise.

I am lost.
Why would resetting achievements be desirable?
The only purpose i see in resetting achievements is to allow the player to earn them again.
How the possibility of earning a permanent achievement affect the way you play?
Are there achievements you seek to avoid?

The reason why I want to have opportunity to reset achievements both in EHG account and in Steam is the same as some girls making surgery to restore their virginity. They just want to return back sensation of a new and fresh start like in a first time. Imagine how cool will be your stream or video when you getting achievements and at the same time playing like a seasoned pro. This is an absolutely gorgeous experience. Especially it is sad when you don’t understand when and why you got some achievements and you can’t remember it.
I don’t know which achievements I want to avoid. But I really dislike secret achievements with unclear conditions when you don’t understand what you need to do to get some achievement.

That’s not how it works. I have no issues with achievements being able to be reset.

That’s what the internet is for.

Nope. Reading Internet about how to play some game (except of the official manual) is like getting tons of spoilers and this is not good. It’s Ok to read official manual approved by the game devs but not some info on the Internet. For me it is like cheating or using of cheat codes. Totally unacceptable. I even stopped playing Grim Dawn when I read on the official forum about Shaman’s First Strike as being the most powerful skill in the game. I considered this as a cheating and permanently deleted game from my account to punish myself for reading this. Also I streamed PoE on Twitch and had a lot of fun with this game BUT one of my viewers told me that I can zoom layout map in and out and then I felt like he broke my heart. I felt depressed and I found no official manual or official guide for PoE where devs told about such possibility to zoom in and out. Then I considered that as a spoiler I’ve got and then I deleted PoE permanently from my account, deleted my GGG account. Also then I told my viewers that I will never ever stream PoE because they spoiled my experience with this game with their advices which I didn’t asked for.
This is how I strict with myself and my gaming experience. Trying to finish some game on all levels of difficulty but I prefer the hardest one. It’s so much fun to feel the challenge and this feeling when your overcome it. I can’t describe it. It’s like strong orgasmus with one young, hot and pretty lass which you just encountered like 30 minutes ago in the bar.
Sorry but I tried to describe my feelings the best way I could.

That’s fine, as long as you’re having fun. But your comment about not liking secret achievements confuses me in that case. You want to discover things by yourself but you don’t like it when you need to discover how to get a particular achievement?

Well…I actually meant like you should have the stuff in the game which is plausible for being achieved. For example in my opinion Cow Level in Diablo 2 was a very bad idea design wise because it was almost impossible to figure out how to get there not reading walkthroughs or guides. Not good. Or other example is the sphinx in the last scenario of Roland campaign in Heroes of Might and Magic 2 where you can’t figure out the riddle of the sphinx without deep knowledge of American popular culture of 80th. I have no idea who is Mister Eb. So it is not good to have stuff like this in the game imo.
I think that such stuff in the game is a nightmare for a completionist like me.

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Ok. I read through many great Action RPG achievements sections and I found that Path of Exile have the best achievements among all of the other of the same genre. Why?

  1. Because conditions are clear for all of the achievements (there are no achievements without description);

  2. There are no insane conditions for achievement (but some of them are tough nonetheless but not insane). For example there are no achievements requiring you to finish the game along with four other players in some specified period of time. Speedrunning achievements also suck imo and PoE have none of them;

  3. Achievements require to use in-game mechanics in their usual way (it does not mean that it should be easy) and not in some jerky or quirky way (no speedrunning achievements or achievements requiring to use a team in multiplayer). I meant that achievement requiring you to finish all of the game’s content without armor and fighting with you bare fists should be none existent.

Here are my suggestions. I must admit that PoE is the best game regards to how they made achievements nowadays imo. And hopefully LE will be even better!

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