Flammable Toxins/Pocket Sand node conversion

Hi ppl,

I need some info regarding Cinder Strike nodes in the title. Does stats from gear alone (poison/blind chance) count or the ones from other skills via skill trees as well? In the tooltip it does say ALL sources. For instance I spec my Acid Flask to have 100% blind chance via nodes, does it contribute to Cinder Strike to generate Crit Vulnerability via Pocket Sand (same goes for smoke bomb which blinds by default)? Do i need to use my flask on mobs and blind them for Cinder Strike to get Vulnerability stacks? These things are hard to test now without visible debuff indicators so help is appreciated.

Unless a node on a tree specifies that it affects other skills (when it has “global” in the tooltip) then no it doesn’t affect other skills, it is local to the skill.

Effects on the passive tree and gear are global and will affect all skills that they are able to. For example, if you had a “chance to apply Frailty on melee hit” suffix on your weapon then any skills with the melee tag (hover over the skill and check for the blue text) would be able to apply Frailty, but spells, minions and bow/throwing attacks wouldn’t. If you had a “chance to apply Frailty on hit” suffix on your gloves then any of your hits (skills with the melee/throwing/bow/spell tags but not minions) would be able to apply Frailty.

Thx for the clarification

just a little further clarification: any global chance to blind you have (e.g. on your bow or quiver) will be converted to your crit vulnerability chance with cinder strike. that’s what the node means when it says “from all sources”.

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