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Flame Wraiths Decay Slower?

Could someone explain why flame wraiths are decaying slower for me? Here is a video

Regardless whether they are fighting(and possibly leeching a little health), or standing still, the flame wraiths decay SIGNIFICANTLY slower than the regular ones.

Its a bug that will be fixed for both flame and putrid wraiths in 8.3

I ‘think’ the special wraiths (flame, poison, etc) have increased stats, so their health pool is bigger, thus, longer to degen.

I also could be 110% off the mark lol

NM! Its a bug! lol

The bug was that LE wasn’t treating them as Wraiths as far as skill nodes are concerned, the upside is that they should get a hefty buff in 0.8.3.

buff in 8.3…imo they kill the spririt of the skills that was my biggest love in LE, have this sea of wave with fire moving around with hundred of them, undead army overwelming opnonents…and now we can only have 8 max >< but ok I understand that is beta we test and adapt, but still really sad about this change, that killing my will to go with this new patch