Flame Vent doesnt work with Embers - no extra proj per cast

In the fireballtree embers and dancing fires are skilled - that are in total 3 Projectils if you cast the fireball bye itself. That works!
If you trigger the cast with Flame vent from disintegrate every cast is only 1 proj - no matter how many more you have skilled.

Your not alone, I’ve noticed this as well and was trying to find if other people were having the same issue with the Embers node when proccing Fireball via Flame Vent. Having it work in its default form makes sense, I wasn’t expecting it to work with the channelling node (obviously) and I was dissapointed that it didn’t work with the Embers node.

Really want it to work with the Embers node so its a bit more useful compared to the Lightning Blast node which just works while your casting Disintegrate. I sincerely hope its just a bug that it doesn’t fire off the procession of Fireballs, the Fan fire is cool and all, but largely pointless for a boss especially when only 1 can hit in each fan on a creature.