Flame rush very buggy

Flame rush is completely bugged on higher terrain or in upper parts of maps.
It would instantly pop after casting it leaving you vulnerable.

Especially bad it is in the upper half of the Arena vs Emporer of Corpses. It is always bugged not conditional. Makes my build impossible to progress since I am playing HC. Will pause it until fixed.

Also but that might be because of server lag I will not consistenly get runes from flame rush related to the channel time. Sometimes I have to instantly pop it and other times i am channeling for 1.5 seconds to get my 2 Fire runes…

PS: Seems like the same bug as Warpath. Having the same issues with Warpath at the same locations


I’m having a similar issue, but I’m also noticing that sometimes I get ‘locked in’ to using the full duration, so I get 3 fire runes instead of the 1-2 that I need for my next invocation. Also during this ‘locked in’ period, I don’t see my character traverse more than a couple feet, but then I zoom to the final destination at the end of what it’s supposed to be.

Seems to also be latency-related?


I am also having the same issue.
getting a short flame-rush is very inconsistent for me.
Sometimes I also get the stuck-in-animation bug where I terminate the channel but my character remains stuck in the animation, running in slow motion, and after the full duration I get moved to the final destionation of the flame rush.


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