Flame Rush rune problem

I use this skill for traversal and note it has the tag “Channelled”. I assume this is because the longer you hold the button the further you travel. However it is generating TWO fire runes if I hold it down for any length of time. A very quick press is the only way to get a single fire rune but that renders the skill useless as I only move a few feet.

Is this a bug? It is screwing up my rune combos for Invocation.

EDIT: Further testing indicates this is indeed a bug. However it seems nothing to do with how long I hold the button (though longer = more chance to make 2 runes). In fact it seems completely random whether I get one or two runes out of using this skill. Also, the actual effect of the skill seems a bit wonky too, as occasionally I do not start moving until I release the button then I seem to teleport rather than rush to destination.

Flame rush is indeed rather buggy, I did not try it offline but I would suspect that it works better there.
However, the fact that channeling gets you more runes the longer you channel is intended. There is even a node in runic invocation that increases the rune gain speed while channeling.
My fix for the issue was to use immutable order but it is hardly ideal.

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Problem is I am actively switching between 2 rune combos and casting them both quite often.

Problem is still an issue making it really hard to trigger combo’s with one red rune in the middle.

While it’s certainly possible, I wouldn’t count on it being fixed before 1.0.