Flame Rush in "Viking Halls (inside)" not possible

You Cant Flame Rush inside this Map Layouts

If you try to Flame Rush in these Viking Halls, it will be canceled immediately. The behavior is the same as if you try to Flame Rush against a solid object or cliff. It feels a bit like every plank in the ground is an obstacle for the skill and therefore breaks off. The problem does not occur outside these halls in the map.

Map Name:


Screenshot of the Map:
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With kind regards Chiiby

*Addition: the same thing sometimes happens on very open cards. I will make a note of them and add them. What I also noticed in this context is that the Flame Rush sometimes breaks off when you collide with the environment and sometimes the cast goes through completely, which is the preferred case in the example because I get fire runes for increased casttime and need two for my spell.

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