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Flame Reave modifier

Hello everyone,

just a quick question about that modifier. Does it convert 20% Fire to Lightning damage or is the lightning damage ADDED to the fire damage? I really dont understand it lol. I want to use the next modifier so I would love to skill that one but I want to stay with Fire damage! Thanks

The way it should work is is that it adds the base fire damage of flame reave as base lightning damage. So lets say without modifiers the base fire damage of flame reave is 50 (hypothetically). Then it will add another 50 base lightning damage with rolling thunder at max level which is quite good. I doesn’t seem to include added melee fire damage modifiers when converting however.

I’m not sure about all this though. The numbers were iffy when i tested it last patch.

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Thanks for the answer, my english is not the best so I understood it that way, it doesnt convert it, it just adds lightning damage, so If I want to go full fire damage I could use 1-2 Points in that modifier to unlock the next one and just ignore the Lightning damage? It doesnt f**k my fire damage up?

Correct it doesn’t convert anything to lightning damage.

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Thank you! The next modifier looks amazing, pulling enemies towards you. You tried it out yet?

Yes:) It didnt work perfectly last patch but i think its still a very good skill tree point to have.
Haven’t tried it in beta.

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Thank you!

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