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Flame reave ignite build, help needed


I’m trying to build a flame reave spellblade scaling ignites, but I’m having serious problems with single target damage.

This is the link to the planner: Spellblade, Level 95 (LE Beta 0.8.2g) - Last Epoch Build Planner
Gear is decent, I’m still working on blessings.

On paper I should be doing a lot more damage than what I’m seeing in-game (at least compared to the Shatter Strike build I was playing before switching), so maybe I’m missing something obvious?

Thanks for any help!

I’ve tweaked your skills a bit.
Swapped Fireball for Firebrand

  • 80% more damage for Flame Reave,
  • additional 300% ignite chance for Flame Reave &
  • some ward on use/consumption of the stacks
  • using Flame Reave at 3+ stacks gives it a guaranteed crit (see, Eye of Reen)

Tweaked the Flame Reave tree

  • Firebrand/Mana Strike will give you Rhythm of Fire stacks to consume with Flame Reave, reducing your overall mana costs, you can probably drop Mana Strike if you want
  • You can strip some points out of Dancing Flames to reach Worldfire if you want

Added points to:

  • Shattered Aegis for more more defence
  • moved some points from Outlast (increased damage over time) to Blade Weaver (more damage over time, a much better modifier), move more points depending on how many Firebrands/Mana Strikes you usually do inbetween Flame Reaves

Because of the passives (Blade Weaver) & skill nodes (Rhythm of Fire/Versatility), you should do at least 3 Firebrands, ideally 4, inbetween Flame Reaves, this will give you your Rhythm of Fire stacks plus 4 stacks of Blade Weaver for

  • a massive 476% more damage on Flame Reave (if you hit for 100 damage without this, you now hit for 576, this modifier is inherited by the ignites)
  • additional 300% ignite chance on Flame Reave
  • addiitonal 96 ward

I’ve swapped out the swords for 2x Eye of Reen for up to 400% melee ignite chance (Firebrand & Flame Reave) and any crits will give you 1 stack of Reen’s Ire which adds 5% increased fire DoT, if you use Flame Reave with at least 3 Firebrand stacks it will always crit, great for clear, less so for single target.

If you don’t have two Eye of Reen’s, get some Crystal Swords (for the attack speed implicit) with as much attack speed, frailty (defensive, why take more damage than you have to), DoT & ignite chance (probably in that order).

Edit: if you really want fireball procs ('cause shiny procs & who doesn’t want shiny stuff) swap out Mana Strike for Fireball.

Just a quick question: Isn’t the Sunwreath-Ring not worth it for a Flame Reave built? It would enhance AOE clear speed, wouldn’t it?

Yup, though he said the clear wasn’t the problem.

Thanks for the answer!

I’ve been experimenting on your suggestions and the damage now is way better. Since I’m not spamming flame reave as before, I could also use the Sunwreath ring, which I previously discarded because of the mana cost and the dependency on mana strike. Now I completely got rid of mana strike since firebrand is more than enough to keep it topped with Mana Reaver procs.

I’ve never considered using another skill in between Flame Reave casts because in my mind it seemed counter-intuitive: why would I need to stack a buff to empower the next application of an ailment that can have infinite stacks? Wouldn’t it be better to just keep stacking instead?
That’s why i went full ignite chance + attack speed for damage.

As it turns out, I was wrong. I didn’t go through the math behind it yet, but I’m curious to see why there’s so much difference in damage with my previous setup.

I’m still with my old gear, I’m trying to get a pair of Crystal Swords done while I farm for the Eye of Reen swords but even as it is now the character feels way better than before.

I’m still on the squishy side of things though. I wonder how much dps I’d lose if I went 1h + off-hand instead of dual wielding.


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