Fissure tooltips wrong or Mana cost is wrong

So after some debate on discord about fissure, i was recommended to report it in here.

Lets start from a end,


Fissure tooltip says it cost 10 mana

further down in the same tooltip it says + 10 mana.

When then going to next fissure skill that actually can use ALT tooltip, suddenly fissure cost 25?

Fissure at 25 mana

Firstly where do the base cost of fissure of 15 come from? We have no way of seeing that anywhere in game? Besides in the tooltip with total cost.

Secondly the first tooltip (if 25 mana cost is correct) shouldn’t say “Cost 10 mana” but instead should be something like increased mana cost by 10, but since there is no cast able skill that is called fissure, you have no way of checking what the base cost is your increase by 10?

Thirdly if first tooltip is correct, shouldnt it then be + 10 mana cost to smite and then in total cost 13 mana? And not 25? (this one im not sure about) but since its a skill that comes from smite shouldnt the +10 be on top of the smite cost since smite is the trigger of fissure? And not +10 on the base cost of fissure (where we have no way of seeing basecost of fissure )

Fourthly if first tool tip means that fissure cost 10 and having it triggered by smite cost 10 more (the + 10 in bottom) then the cost should be 20 and not 25?

Fissure costs 10 when it procs, the tooltip is wrong.

Yes after some more test, your correct, the total price for casting smite + proccing fissure is 13 in total.

3 for smite and 10 for fissure! So yeh the tooltip is wrong.