Fissure (Smite) does not benefit from the damage on "Sacrifice"

Smite has a node called Sacrifice that grants up to 250% more damage, but this damage does not apply to fissures.

The damage from Holy Trail (Javelin) and Consecrated Ground (Judgement) benefit from most damage modifiers on their trees (except for the ones that specify “hits”) but Fissures only benefit from the node that grants more fissure damage, not from other smite damage nodes.

It indeed doesn’t pick up Sacrifices multipliers. I understand that sub abilities inheriting stats from the skill tree they are in is sometimes inconsistent and confusing. I wrote a note about this and we will see if we can come some changes to address this issue in the future to make it more consistent for players.

Till then, this is working as intended.

Thank you for the report.

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