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Fishing, ever?

I did a quick search and did not see anything on this. Will we ever get it?

I am an absolutely huge fan of fishing in every game that offers it and trust me I get how it can be odd to add it to an ARPG. Sometimes its ok to slow things down and just toss the line out. Have the devs said anything on the subject?

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What’s the point, in fact?
I mean, I played Torchlight 2, I fished some times, but it felt a bit useless.
Just curious…

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It would be hard for me to justify it for the world at large but for me I just enjoy it. Typically there is cosmetics, pets, short duration buffs, etc that come from most fishing mini games. All of those things I truly enjoy. I feel it is ok to slow it down sometimes and just chill. That is me however and I do not presume that is everyone’s preferred method of play. As long as it is optional not sure what it would hurt.

Hopefully that answers your question.

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Understood, look cool! :slight_smile:

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Pretty much haha.

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As long as it only affects cosmetic stuff. There are a lot of people, me included, who absolutely hate anything that distracts from the main game (blasting through packs of monsters and fighting bosses).

I 100% agree with you I am not a fan of forcing people to engage in mechanics outside of the core game experience for required items. I am totally ok with putting cosmetics and fluff outside the main mechanic.

Well, if this Fishing means, you can actually catch fish, that may contain rare material that can help you craft more and even better Unique Items and Stats and even rarer things, I say totally go for such a mechanic. If not, just a waste.

The problem with that is it violates what @leeroy123 was talking about and I agreed with. If you add something like that it feels like a requirement to do. I don’t think that is the way at least to me.

If it is totally on the side with just fluff there is no pressure to do it. Those that enjoy it can enjoy it. Those that do not can skip.

While I get you think that would be a waste you have to remember there are lots of different folks that play and while it would be a skip for you for others it would not.

Fishing to get rare fish pet👍


Well, I don´t care. I just throw out some ideas and thoughts there, of what can actually be nice if they choose to implement such a thing as Fishing. Problem or what or not. That doesn´t matter. It is irrevelant. I just put out an idea there and then it is up to the Developers to use it or not use it. It is the Developers that is having the last say anyway in this. Not us as Players.

I think you and I had a miscommunication.

I meant for the purposes of this thread that it is not how I would want it implemented. Not that it would just to clarify that I would not want people to be forced to engage in a mechanic they would not enjoy.

I do not believe anyone in this discussion believes they have say so in how the game is further developed. We pretty much all understand these are just our ideas and possible cool ways to implement them.