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First line of two-line dialog not working

when doing dialog with 2 lines of choice, the first line will not activate … instead there appears a blue box to the left… this has made it impossible to shop and do some quest dialogues

Could you please post a screenshot of this?

the blue box only appears some times… i have checked all characters and only the last line activates (the exit dialogue option)… i love love the new look, but without dialogues and shops there is no point… next time i log in, i’ll look at how to post screenshot and whatever files you need… i don’t see any options to verify file integrity, but i’l also be sure to reboot… i bought a supporter pack quite some time ago… if a reinstall is necessary, please give instructions… i’m old and not always good with this stuff

At the risk of asking a weird question, next time you’re playing could you move you mouse to the side and see if other dialogue options can be selected, but have small clickable areas?

i have it working, thanks for your suggestion. i just had to move the mouse closer to the middle of the line

Thank you for the confirmation!

This is a known issue. I can’t offer an ETA, but we’ll definitely get it fixed at some point.

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