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First Impressions

So I’ve only had this game a couple of days, but got my Void Knight up to lvl 67 (max arena lvl of 85), and here are some of my thoughts:

  1. More item variety/differentiation between higher/lower level items. I’ve been getting the same base items drops pretty much the entire game. There doesn’t seem to be any level gating of base item drops. Also it would be nice if there were more base item types. For instance, Doom Blade is a great void knight item, due to Physical/Void damage base…can there be a 1h version for the sword/board knights?

  2. Lag/Freezes/Crashes. Overall, the game is pretty stable. However, there are severe lag/freezes in the arena. Seems to correlate with large small-mob packs.

  3. Stun/Shield block locking. Not sure about this one, but I find myself stunned-locked when hit by multiple small hits… (580ish hp, multiple 20-30dmg hits, 300ish stun avoidance, 50% block)

  4. Minimap/Map Overlay. Needs scaling in the minimap and a way to navigate the overlay. Right now, both barely give you visibility beyond what’s on the screen. Also, both are not accurate as to exits / environment passways.

  5. Buff/debuff indicators. Would be nice to know what’s affecting me :slight_smile:

Just some thoughts, overall everything is looking good tho.

This will happen gradually throughout development.


Thanks for the feedback! Glad to hear stability is solid.

Most patches contain changes aimed at increasing performance, though sometimes the difference is relatively small, or we’re fixing a very particular issue. Optimization is an ongoing process, and will continue to be for the foreseeable future.


The next patch should reduce the frequency of stuns.


Thanks for the feedback!

Will pass it on.


Reporting specific instances of this in the Bug Reports section would be greatly appreciated.



Unfortunately this is a lot of work, but it’ll be added at some point in the future.


Great to hear!

Thanks for the feedback. :slight_smile:

I mainly noticed this in the ruins areas of Chapter 2. Sometimes there is a breakable door, but in many other instances, a place that appears passable in the minimap or overlay is block by a boarded up doorway or rubble blocking a pathway.

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