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First impressions / UI / QOL / blessings

200 hours in, love the game, it strikes the perfect balance in complexity for me, thanks a lot to whoever reads this for caring that much!

UI suggestions:

Would be nice to have a delay after dying before the button to resurrect can be clicked. I tend to be spamming clicks all around the screen when I die and missed my opportunity to read what killed me a few times.

I would love an option to fully hide the quest panel from the HUD, or maybe just reduce its title size.

When completing a monolith, the reward screen can pop up while there are still hazards around. Maybe the reward screen could pop up after a delay, collapsed or at another time to avoid having to click around the reward window to dodge hazards.

I’ve noticed when summoning wolves that the cooldown animation on the skill icon only appears after a substantial delay. Not sure if there is some reason for this that I’m missing.

QOL suggestions :

Would be nice to be warned when opening new echo without having opened previous echo’s chest. Feels bad realizing a few seconds too late that you deleted your previous chest.

When opening a portal in an echo that isn’t completed yet, maybe the portal should be a different color (red/yellow) instead of blue (since that is used as a default color when returning to town).

+1 for auto relic pickup. RANT : You say want to attract no-lifers to your game, show them that their health is important to you. 200 hours in I feel like its already had some long term effects on my wrists even though I try to put in a lot of care to avoid issues. Switching to an ergonomic mouse when possible and having strict loot filters definitely helps but I still feel limited in my ability to play because of the toll its taking on my wrists. I also feel that you could attract some players from competing games if you stood out on this aspect because this is an issue that is brought up a lot. I know this would definitely be a point I would mention when recommending the game to friends.

blessings idea:

This might not work, but having more than 3 blessings to choose from upon monolith completion would be nice. It felt bad running the same monolith 3-4 times at lvl 100 without getting any of the blessing types I was looking for. Maybe an extra option on the reward screen that you could choose instead of the offered blessings to set back the monolith counter by some number (e.g. 10) and only repeat the last quest instead of having to do the whole monolith again?