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First Impressions - Pro's and Con's

Sometimes it’s very useful to have a feedback from a neutral, fresh point of view. It hopefully helps to make the game even better. I took some time for it. I hope it helps.


  • The textures are not highend, but okay I think. I expected them to be much more wishy-washy and outdated. Of course there is also potential to improve.
  • The characters (for me primalist and acolyte at the moment) feel nice done. The skills make sense. And for me it’s a positive thing to have a class system. It gives much more personality to the class.
  • For the first half an hour of gameplay, I didn’t find many major bugs like crashes or other things who make it impossible to play on.
  • The skill system is the reason I bought the game, keep it up. Not too overwhelming, but customizable.
  • The music is pretty okay.


  • Perhaps my biggest issue atm. The movement and the animations don’t look/feel great. Fluent gameplay is for me one of the most important things a ARPG has to manage.
  • The feedback of skills could be better (the often don’t feel/sound mighty)
  • No drag and drop for items
  • Some windows are overlaying other windows and make it sometimes hard to interact properly. As example: The chat window when you try to click the questwindow answers.
  • I have to swap between exclusive fullscreen and fullscreen window to make the resolution work without black borders.
  • The sound effects could fit better
    ~ The character keeps staying when you attack with right click. It’s just unfamiliar in ARPGs.
    ~ The character stops moving when you hover with your mouse over the dialogue window.
    ~ The time travel animation (the rotating spirals) are… well… it’s more funny than anything else. :smiley:

Not sure about

  • The linear world design without random generated levels. I can understand the story aspect. And may it’s also easier for the development. My experiences with many ARPGs is, that the leveling process can last for weeks or even months, if you can’t play too much. And then, after you saw the story once, it can become boring. And to change it later, will probably be too much to do. Maybe it’s already too late for a change. But for me it’s a questionable decision especially because the (early) level design seems extremely linear (not many open fields to discover things).
    +/- The missing speaker (story texts). Not too much an issue for me. But I’m not the person who takes care of a writen only story.

Wow I agree with all. That s rare thing :smiley:

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