First impressions after 80 hours

I grew up with arpgs and have played as many similar games as possible over the years.
Diablo 1, 2 and 3, Titan Quest, Torchlight 1 and 2, Grim Dawn, Path of Exile (1800 hours lol) and also tried Wolcen (meh, imo…IMO).

Talking about visual LE’s formula is always “the same” but it winks at everything…and it does it well.
Sure some animations need to be improved because they are not very smooth but nothing that the developers can’t improve over time.

It is not a masterpiece with lore: big bad guys, portals, dimensions, time travel, demons, corruption…the usual stuff.
BUT after so many years it is very difficult to find something original that others have not done. It is absolutely not a criticism and I understand the developers.

You have a lot of freedom with builds but there are still many “numbers” to fix and some passives or abilities don’t work as they should.
Obviously we are talking about a Beta version and therefore you, me, we still need to be patient.
(If you like the game please give your feedback, I hope that in the future there will be an in-game way to open tickets, so it’s faster and less boring than the website.)

Can I say that crafting is one of my favorite things?
It’s extremely smooth and not overly punishing and gives you a lot of freedom.
I’m really, really surprised and satisfied.

The endgame winks at PoE but I feel that I have more “freedom” so it gives me the impression that it is more “faster” and therefore more “easy”.
And with “easy” I mean less stressful.

I finish by saying that LE is very interesting and it’s a smart way of taking “The best of everything” and putting it all together.

And I sincerely hope that more content is added as soon as possible.

P.s. sorry for my bad english language

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