First impression

My first impression is meh. I know this is still in development and there’s more to come as well as refinement, but, right now it is sadly tedious and clunky with something else I can’t put my finger on. I think the biggest thing that needs refining is movement and npc interaction. the movement in the game to me isn’t smooth and it’s way too easy to trigger things like the way points and npc dialogue. You just move the cursor over either one and you trigger it, from wherever you are on the screen. I don’t know how many times I was fighting mobs on or over a way point and I kept triggering the damn thing because my cursor was on or near it. Caused a couple of deaths. Also, think there needs to be a player stand there key, meaning you cast a spell holding the key and you DON’T move after casting. It’s one of my gaming pet peeves having a magic user cast a spell at a monster and then walk right at the monster after casting. I think the other big thing that isn’t good for this game is I’m only into chapter 5 and I’m board and don’t see any reason to continue. At least with POE after 5 years being rather bored is a given not 30 hrs. Another thing I think is needed, in the game mechanics discussion is tell us how many points your going to get during the campaign so you can plan your builds accordingly. I know most players of today like to just dive in and learn as they go. Back in my younger days that was cool but now after almost 40 years of gaming its tedious.

I won’t lie it’s damn hard not to compare this to POE. Is this game as fast paced as POE nope. Is it as complex as POE yes it is. The skill system in this does have advantages over POE’s expansive skill tree. Both games crafting systems are randomly frustrating piles of currency and shards. This game has two things over POE and they are this games boss fights are clean and the auto collect of gold and shards is really nice. The other thing I need to mention is visually to these old eyes game looks nice and the story is compelling, but, needs a little more filling in I think. I will return from time to time to see what’s been changed and improved, but, for now it’s back to POE .

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Very good first impression/feedback.

Just wanted to point some things out.

A key that force stop you would definitely not hurt, but not sure if it’s really necessary, since ALL skill in LE, melee or range will be used when pressing, without the character moving anywhere. So i am not sure why you need a button for that?

I would definitely want you to further elaborate that, if possible. I think it’s hard to improve things, if you don’t actually know what “bores” you.

Was the progression not good? Was combat too slow/unfun?

I personally jsut think LE keeps me engaged THE MOST from any aRPG i ever played. The progression curve is soooo good. there is always “the next skill point”, “the next level for passive point”, “the next skill specialisation slot”. I always want to continue and don’t stop playing.

I personally am torn on this, while the information if you have “all points available” is definitely something that should be accessable ingame, i am not so sure if the game really should tell you that in advance. Kinda keeps you a bit surprised with some quest rewards until you get them.

Other than that, very good and constructive feedback! :+1:

So that when you’ve cast something you won’t accidentally start running towards it. Or if you’re running through the world & you see a mob you can just press the key & you stop moving regardless of where your cursor is (ie, you don’t have to cast/attack the mob to stop moving).

My apologies I should have elaborated a tad more. First it’s cool if the points are a play the game thing. Knowing or not knowing isn’t a deal breaker. After thinking about it it’s a matter of when does this game ramp up. I could just be so used to difficulty that I’m just not seeing it happen. Which actually isn’t a bad thing. As for story progression I think what’s wrong is it’s way too linear. You visit most areas once never to return. When a progression does this my mind goes into git R done mode and I just focus in to getting to the end of the line not really caring or paying attention to what’s going on. What would break this up would be random time rifts, maybe a campaign long quest to visit x number of rifts to receive y reward or some true side quests. Have a feeling side quests might be a future endeavor. Oh before I forget that game guide very informative and helpful thanks for putting it in. What needs to happen is I need to suck it up and play through to end game. Probably have more suggestions later. Thanks for listening.

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One thing that has been request a couple of time since i am active in this community, are more optional side areas, with some good loot at the end(very good chests).

Having side areas that feel like “dungeons” would be very nice, you would have some things to “explore”.

I agree the campaign is very linear and does not have much “choice”, you always doing the main quest and occansionally some side quests, which usually are also more or less “on the way”.

There are generally very few “dungeon-esq” areas in LE currently. Adding more of those and make them relatively worthwhile from mobs/loot inhabitated could already spice up the caimpaign content, at least if you are interested in doing them (some people probably don’t care and rush story).

Having a overarching goal like you suggested with the do X time rifts is something i never thought of. Not really sure if i like it or not.
Those time rifts could be also incorporated in the “dungeon areas” i suggested. Just give them enough loot to feel worthwhile and some people already will do them happily.

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